quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Sleep Dealer



Grande filme mexicano, de uns tipos que nunca tinha ouvido falar, acho que ganhou um prémio no Sundance.

Epá, eu acho que é o Blade Runner mexicano, muito bom, na minha opinião. O Philip K. Dick ia ficar orgulhoso.

O trailer não lhe faz minimamente justiça, até pq o filme é em espanhol:

In a bleak future where the borders have been sealed, vast computer networks commodify memories, and corporate warriors have been militarized, a tech-savvy "campesino" from a small Santa Ana farm village discovers a mysterious transmission that seems to be a blueprint for the city of the future. Memo Cruz lives with his family in Santa Ana del Rio, a remote farming community that has recently been hijacked by a private company. Having already taken control of the entire area's water supply, the company is now seeking to sell the precious resource back to citizens at criminal prices. As a result, aqua-terrorist cells have recently formed, with the explicit goal of taking back the water supply by force if necessary. Despite the growing tension in Santa Ana, however, all Memo really cares about is technology. Memo longs to find employment as a node worker in the high-tech factories of the northern cities, and has recently constructed a transmitter that allows him to vicariously experience the lives of others. One evening, while surfing the local airwaves, the gifted eavesdropper locks onto a forbidden broadcast not intended for the general public -- a broadcast that lays out explicit plans for creating a future that Memo could have never imagined. Subsequently targeted by the government -- which has discovered evidence of his radio intercept and now views him as a direct threat -- Memo must flee to Tijuana after his home is destroyed in a violent remote-control bombing. Memo hopes to find work in Tijuana, and along the way he meets aspiring journalist Luz, a bright young woman in search of her breakthrough story. Later, after selling some of her memories online to a mysterious client, Luz helps Memo acquire the nodes he needs to connect to the network and get a job. As Memo plugs his body into the system and discovers that work in a high-tech factory can be fairly treacherous, Luz works to uncover the identity of her biggest fan, and these three unsuspecting individuals become caught up in a plot that could transform their world forever. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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  1. Eu acho que faltaram umas coisinhas...não gostei mt dos actores e os diálogos não eram assim a coisa mais esperta. O conceito tem piada e tem uma moça gira. Mas podia ter explorado melhor a ligação entre personagens, já que o filme é sobre ligações :P

  2. A cara dela não me era estranha, e vai-se a ver, ela entrou no Blade II.