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Best Worst Movie (2009)

No meu passatempo de ver trailers deparei-me com um título que me deixou muito curiosa:

Best Worst Movie

In 1989, unwitting Utah actors starred in the undisputed Worst Movie in History: TROLL 2. Two decades later, the legendarily inept film's child star unravels the improbable, heartfelt story of an Alabama dentist-turned-cult movie icon and an Italian filmmaker who come to terms with this genuine, internationally revered cinematic failure.

Aqui está uma grande falha nossa...mesmo, mesmo MUITO GRANDE! Não sei quanto a vocês mas eu não conhecia esta pérola, pérola não, este tesouro cinematográfico! Mas o meu tempo de ignorância acabou e vou partilhar com vocês um filme que simplesmente temos que ver. Se realmente acreditamos que "do mau ao péssimo, vale a pena saber", temos mesmo que ver isto!

Troll 2

A young child is terrified to discover that a planned family trip is to be haunted by vile man-eating monsters out of his worst nightmare. His attempt to save his beloved family is assisted by the spectre of his deceased grandfather. Also, there are NO trolls in this movie, only goblins.

In this family comedy adventure, the Waits family are tired of the food in their normal town, so they trade houses to live in a wonderful half empty town. Oh, Elliot it will be wonderful! Soon the Goblins are trying to get them to eat their food with green stuff on it, and the final disco showdown is at hand. Nilbog will never be the same!

Joshua's family takes a trip to NILBOG, which, unbeknownst to them, is the kingdom of the goblins, as told to young Joshua by his grandfather Seth, who just happens to be dead. Now it's up to Josh, magical time stopping Grandpa Seth, and a bologna sandwich to save the family from the evil Goblin Queen, who uses everything from magical rocks to an ear of corn, to destroy Josh's family.

Young Johnathan is shocked to find that the bedtime stories he was told by his deceased grandfather, the infamous GRAMPA SETH, of evil GOBLINS who turn people into living vegetables in order to eat them, is about to come to terrifying reality on a family trip to the town of NILBOG. With the assistance of the Troll master, CREEDENCE LEONORE GIELGUD, the Trolls wish to feed Johnathan's family evil food.

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  1. Epá só esta história de 20 anos depois um filme descobrir a sua própria audiência é magnífico!

    Muito bom, grande potencial terrorifico :)